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Ethan Turnbull

I have this friend, right? Who, is doing something with car parts, (I’m not much of a car person so I can let him tell you more into detail). The troubling thought is that one day when he was working on his car, a fire was started, didn’t spread too far, but he was left with 1st & 2nd Degree burns. You can read more about it on this link ( If you would like to see photos of his burns, this is the link ( NOW, the interesting part. Even though Shawn (is his name) didn’t succeed with his first or I don’t know how many attempts this was, he is all ready to go back and continue to do what he was doing with his car. Only this that is holding him back is to help him pay the burn clinic to treat him. So he has created a Tilt and is asking for any donations. Anything you want to donate would be much appreciated. $1, $5, $50, ANYTHING would help.